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Manchester Institute of Biotechnology

A close up of NMR samples in a machine

Bioanalytical techniques

We have extensive capabilities developing new bioanalytical techniques in mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance.

We have expertise in the analysis of synthetic molecules, metabolites, carbohydrates lipids, proteins, as well as on intact protein assemblies.

In addition to advanced Ion Mobility capabilities to investigate changes in protein conformation we have capabilities for imaging mass spectrometry of tissues and cells as well as high-throughput fingerprinting.

Further in the NMR field we use state-of-the-art high-field magnetic field instruments for solution measurements, to allow extremely high-resolution spectra of carbohydrate molecules, dynamic measurements of enzyme complexes, and structural

Research applications

Collectively these bioanalytical capabilities allow us to:

  • discover new molecular markers associated with disease,
  • understand how candidate therapeutic drug molecules bind to their biological targets,
  • to optimise biomanufacturing methods to provide sustainable routes for the production of chemical, materials, fuels and therapeutic agents.